Blockchain & Cryptocurrency

  • Providing secure and qualified solution based on business logic needs and suitable public blockchain (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Hyperledger) or private like IBM blockchain.
  • Digital assets exchange platform.
  • Cryptocurrencies wallet solution.
  • Smart Contract solutions for Cryptocurrency, Tokens and other Crypto-Assets.

Trading Platforms

  • Architecture, design and implementation from scratch to mass production.
  • Brokerage & OTC structure end-to-end solution.
  • Marketing channels and user behavior tracking.
  • Integration STP solutions by risk management logic.
  • Fast and stable quotes providing with Best-Bid and Best-Ask solutions.
  • Easy, smart, and professional risk management systems.
  • Rich Back-Office and features.

Database Solutions

  • End-To-End database architecture, business logic and legacy systems Integration.
  • Performance and concurrency tuning.
  • Transactions data security and integrity.
  • Data Mining and business insights.
  • Business measures alerts and system monitoring.
  • BI solutions and integrations with industry leaders (Tableau, Microsoft Power BI, Amazon QuickSight, etc).
  • DRP project development and consulting.
  • Big Data consulting.


  • Statement of trading logic in the fast and modular program code, considering all the features of integration with the liquidity providers.
  • Backtests based on real market quotes, analysis and logic performance.
  • Production stability and trading monitoring systems.
  • Implementation of custom technical indicators.
  • Assets and derivatives market tracking and inspections.
  • Signals and events solutions.

Business Requirements Profiling

  • Setting clear characterization and bringing it to maturity

Planning Road Map

  • Setting the project milestones according to the requirements and goals

Development and Implementation

  • Architecture, code writing, development team leading. Throughout the entire process, risk assessment and predicted ROI are performed


  • Project deployment
    and POC

Enhance Time to Market

  • Ready solutions to known problems



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